Wind Farm Recycling Near Me

Wind Farm Recycling Near Me

Wind turbines are an awesome way to generate renewable energy and help fuel the transition away from fossil fuels. But wind turbines have many moving parts; what’s more, over the years, technology has improved, leaving many older wind turbines obsolete. Recycling a single wind turbine is a complex project; recycling hundreds of turbines that comprise a wind farm is a job only for an expert. At Belson Steel, we offer wind farm recycling near me that your business can count on. For all of your wind farm recycling needs and to learn more about our services, reach out to us directly today.

Our Wind Farm Recycling Process

We are a trusted name in the industry with more than 60 years of experience in scrap recycling. For years, we have offered expert demolition and deconstruction services, including wind farm deconstruction and recycling. Our process is thorough and comprehensive and involves:

  • Site assessment. The first step in our process is to perform a detailed site assessment. During the site assessment, our team will assess the scope of the project and create a detailed plan for removing and decommissioning the wind turbines.
  • Disassembly. Once our site assessment has been completed and our strategy has been finalized, the second step in our process will be bringing in a team for responsible disassembly of the wind turbines. We always adhere to best practices, as well as OSHA guidelines and all other regulations and requirements.
  • Loading and transportation. After disassembly is complete, the next step in our process is the responsible loading and transportation of all disassembled pieces. We maintain our own fleet of vehicles and will manage transportation and logistics from start to finish.
  • Scrap recycling. The disassembled scrap metal will be transported to one of our Illinois recycling centers for scrap metal recycling. Our goal is to keep as much out of the landfill as possible and to maximize recycling efforts.

Why Choose Belson Steel for Wind Farm Recycling?

Decommissioning a wind farm is a huge undertaking. As you search for the appropriate company for the job, keep Belson Steel in mind. Top reasons to work with us include:

  • Experts in the industry. We are a leading expert in the wind farm recycling and scrap metal recycling industries. We have over six decades of experience in scrap metal recycling and a trusted reputation amongst our customers. We prioritize the right values and work hard to earn our customers’ trust.
  • Cradle-to-grave documentation. We will always provide your company with cradle-to-grave documentation for all decommissioning projects. This documentation includes a deconstruction certificate and a re-melting certificate.
  • Responsible disposal of non-recyclable materials. It’s important to recognize that not 100% of a wind turbine can be recycled. While we specialize in metal recovery and seek to recycle as much as possible, we will also handle the responsible disposal of all non-recyclable materials.

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