Scrap Metal Buyers Near Kankakee

Scrap Metal Buyers Near Kankakee

Scrap Metal Buyers Near Kankakee

Are you thinking of selling your excess scrap metal? Belson Steel is happy to assist you. Our family-owned company is your greatest ally in removing unwanted scrap metal from your property. Our scrap metal buyers near Kankakee are here to assist you every step of the way. We offer competitive pricing for the scrap metal we buy, and we deliver a full range of services to make your life easier. Call now to get started.

Sell Your Scrap Metal With Us

Scrap metal recycling is the best way to dispose of unwanted scrap metal. Not only will you do your part to support a cleaner environment, but you’ll add some cash to your pockets. Belson Steel is dedicated to assisting our clients with their requests. We’re your top choice for scrap metal recycling and more. We have endeavored to be a leading partner for local businesses since 1960. We’re also more than happy to work with individuals. Our clients are in many industries from agriculture to steel mills, and we enjoy forging lasting partnerships with them.  We have a reputation as a leading scrap metal buyer, and our name is highly regarded by fellow businesses. With a reputation that’s been developed over the course of 50 years, you can trust our company since you know we’re committed to safety and the local environment. We take our role seriously and want you to be completely satisfied with your choice to work with us.

Why Sell Scrap Metal?

We make selling scrap metal easy. All you need to do is bring your items to our scrap yard, using one of our scrap containers if necessary, and we’ll handle the rest. If you can’t make the trip, you can plan an appointment where we’ll come right to you and take it ourselves. We want the entire process to be as easy as possible, so you can discuss your options with us.  There are plenty of benefits to selling scrap metal, such as: 

  • Instant Cash. We can instantly provide you with cash for your scrap metal, so you can turn unwanted items into a profit.
  • Support Local Environment. Scrap metal can cause significant impacts on the ecosystem if tossed in the landfill. Recycling ensures these precious materials receive another life.
  • Safe Alternative. Leaving scrap metal on your property can pose a safety risk. Dispose of it the right way by handing it over to our professionals.

What to Expect

Selling scrap metal has so many benefits, both for you and the environment. You’ll want to know what kinds of scrap we collect at our scrap yard before bringing it over. A few examples of metals we buy include copper, nickel, steel, iron and aluminum. We also buy certain items, including cell phones, appliances and radiators, that contain scrap metal materials. We recommend speaking to our specialists to confirm that we accept your items.

Contact Belson Steel

If you’re ready to sell your scrap metal, get in touch with the scrap metal buyers near Kankakee at Belson Steel. We are dedicated to serving you as your number one scrap metal recycling center and are ready to assist you in any way that we can.