Scrap Car Buyer Near Me

Scrap Car Buyer Near Me

When you have old vehicles or other scrap metal on your property. It’s not doing you any favors by collecting dust. Rather than allow it to continue rusting, you should search for a “scrap car buyer near me.” A company that buys and processes old junk cars and other forms of scrap metal can take your old car off of your hands and earn you cash. At Belson Steel, our team specializes in scrap metal recycling. Reach out to us today to learn more about our company and how we can help.

Why Recycle Your Vehicle with Belson Steel?

There are dozens of reasons to think about recycling your old vehicle, as well as why you should choose Belson Steel as your scrap metal recycler of choice. Recycling an old vehicle (or other large pieces of scrap) clears up room on your property. This not only means more space that’s usable for you, but improved aesthetics, too. What’s more, old vehicles and other equipment can be a hazard and a liability. Another reason to recycle your junk car is that recycling metal keeps metal in production, reducing the need for new metal mining. This conserves resources and is more sustainable. For both home and small business owners with old vehicles and other equipment on their properties, a top reason to choose to recycle is that recycling can earn a person cash. At Belson Steel, we pay top dollar for scrap cars, and can make payments in cash.

Our Services When You Want to Recycle Your Scrap Car

If you want to recycle your scrap car or other large scrap equipment or machinery, our team has you covered. We provide a variety of services to keep the process simply and straightforward—

  • Transportation. We know that bringing in a scrap vehicle to our location can be a huge hassle and expense for the average person, which is why we provide transportation services so that you don’t have to worry about it. We’ll pick up your scrap car and bring it to our location.
  • Weighing. Once we bring your scrap vehicle into our location, we’ll make sure that it’s accurately weighed. This is an important part of the process as our metal prices are based on weight.
  • Shredding. We are a full serve scrap recycling facility with the ability to shred and separate metal. We’ll shred to separate ferrous from nonferrous materials.
  • Payment for your scrap car. Finally, we’ll offer you cash payment for your scrap vehicle. Our prices are always based on current market values.

How to Get Started with a Scrap Car Buyer Near You

If you have scrap vehicles on your property or other large sources of scrap, such as old equipment or machinery, we want to connect with you. To learn more about our scrap metal buyers and how to connect with our “scrap car buyer near me,” reach out to our team online or by phone at your convenience. We are passionate about metal recycling and keeping materials out of the landfill.