Recycling Centers Near Urbana

Recycling Centers Near Urbana

Belson Steel owns and operates recycling centers near Urbana and throughout Illinois and the surrounding areas. Our metal recycling centers are designed to keep as many materials out of the landfill as possible, maximize sustainability and environmental responsibility, and keep materials in circulation all while supporting our local economy and workers. With decades of experience and a strong reputation, Belson Steel is a leader in scrap metal recycling. For both residential and industrial customers throughout Urbana with scrap metal recycling needs or questions, Belson Steel is available to help. Call our team today to learn more about our services and how to get started.

Services at Our Recycling Centers Near Urbana

We offer a range of metal recycling and recovery services at our recycling centers near Urbana. Please call us directly to confirm that the service you are looking for is offered at the recycling center near you. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Junk car recycling. For those Urbana-area residents with old vehicles, equipment, or machinery on their properties, recycling with Belson Steel is the easy choice. We’ll handle all of the transportation and logistics and pay you for your junker.
  • Demolition. For businesses undertaking demolition projects, working with an experienced professional is a must. We offer demolition services that focus on metal recovery while always meeting expectations related to health, safety, and environmental regulations.
  • Residential E-waste recycling. Sending electronic waste to the landfill can be dangerous for human health. We offer a residential E-waste recycling program in partnership with the county. Call us today to learn more about what you can recycle.
  • Scrap metal recycling. We buy a wide range of ferrous and nonferrous materials for recycling, including radiators, batteries, some electronics, some appliances, electric motors, power supplies, whole computers, and more.
  • Purchase metal products. In addition to purchasing old materials and metal for recycling, we also sell a variety of new and reusable steel and stainless steel products, including rebar, mesh, angles, I-beams, channels, strips, and more. We also sell new and reusable aluminum products.
  • Decommissioning. One of our specialties is wind farm decommissioning. If your business is searching for wind farm decommissioning services, our team can help.

Our services are designed for both industrial businesses and individual residents throughout Urbana and the surrounding areas. We offer industrial scrap management services, including onsite container drop-off and pick-up services. We also always manage all of the transportation and logistics associated with large scrap metal recycling projects.

Why Work with Belson Steel?

When you choose Belson Steel, you’re choosing a leader in the industry. Top reasons to work with our team include: 

  • Experience you can trust. We have been working in the industry for more than six decades and have the years of experience it takes to perfect our work and strategy.
  • Values you care about. We care about being stewards of the earth and prioritize sustainability, while also putting worker health and safety at the top of our list. We are active members of our community and value transparency, honesty, and integrity in our work, services, and relationships with our customers.
  • Focus on the customer. We know that no two customers in need of metal recycling services have the exact same needs, which is why we’ll always work with you to figure out how we can best serve you. Our focus is on you.
  • Reputation for excellence. We have a strong reputation for excellence amongst our customers and within our community—it’s what’s allowed us to stay in business for so long.

Call Today

To learn more about our recycling centers near Urbana and the services we provide, reach out to our team online or by phone at your convenience.