Recycling Center Near Chicago

Recycling Center Near Chicago

For businesses and individuals alike throughout the Chicago area, knowing where a reliable and responsible recycling center is located can be useful for many reasons. From buying metal products to recycling scrap metal, our recycling center near Chicago has you covered. To learn more about our recycling services and why you should work with Belson Steel, call our team today.

Our Scrap and Recycling Services

We offer a wide range of scrap metal recycling services to both residential and commercial customers throughout the Chicago area! Our services include but are not limited to: 

  • Ferrous and nonferrous metal recycling. At our metal recycling center, we are able to recycle ferrous and nonferrous materials, including old equipment and machinery, appliances, scrap metal, and various metal-containing products and consumer goods. Separating metals in advance is not required. We handle all metal separation and weighing.
  • Junk car recycling. If you have an old junker on your property that’s collecting rust, we can help! We manage junk car (and old equipment and machinery) recycling, and handle all of the logistics, including transportation.
  • On-site container services. For businesses that are producing large amounts of scrap, we also offer on-site scrap metal collection containers. We drop off and pick up these containers, making recycling easy and convenient for your business.
  • Residential e-waste recycling. For residents in certain areas, we offer residential e-waste recycling. E-waste recycling is a safe and responsible way to dispose of your old electronics, and diverts materials and substances from the landfill that could be toxic to human health and the environment.
  • Demolition and decommissioning services. For industrial businesses, we offer demolition and decommissioning services, including wind farm decommissioning. These large projects require the attention of an expert.

We also sell metal products at our location. Visit our scrap yard today!

Why Choose Belson Steel for Recycling Services?

When you choose Belson Steel for your scrap metal recycling services, you’re choosing a leader in the industry. Belson Steel has been in the recycling business for over 60 years, giving us more than six decades of experience working with local businesses and residents! We have committed to diverting as much waste from the landfill as possible and strongly focus on sustainability. We prioritize best practices and adherence to all regulations, including regulations designed to keep our workers safe. For our customers, we provide honest and transparent services and seek to build relationships for life. When you recycle, you’re doing the smart thing for the environment and your local economy, and when you choose Belson Steel as your scrap metal recycler, you’re doing the right thing for your pocketbook too!

Visit Our Recycling Center Near Chicago Today

If you have more questions about recycling with Belson Steel or our recycling center near Chicago, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly. Our team of professionals is available to answer any questions that you have. We hope that you’ll choose to recycle your metal products, and that you’ll choose our recycling center for all of your recycling needs!