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Aug 03 2021

Why It’s Important to Keep Metal Out of Landfills 

At Belson Steel, one of our top priorities is to keep as many materials out of the landfill as possible. We do this through thorough metal recovery and comprehensive metal recycling services. Here’s an overview of why it’s so important to keep metal out of landfills, as well as what you can do to protect our planet and improve your footprint—

The Problem with Landfills

Landfills are an unsustainable form of waste management, and a form that poses many risks and health hazards to the communities in which they’re located. Some of the biggest problems with landfills include:

  • Emission of greenhouse gases. One of the most concerning problems with landfills is that landfills emit greenhouse gases, including both carbon dioxide and methane. The latter is especially problematic, as landfills are one of the largest emitters of methane globally, and because methane has a warming potential that’s 28-36 times more potent than CO2. 
  • Toxic runoff and emissions. In addition to planet-warming greenhouse gases, landfills also emit and leech toxic contaminants. Leachate can contaminate underground sources, and toxic gases and chemicals released from greenhouse gases can cause health problems, including birth defects, in nearby communities. 
  • Unsustainable land requirements. In addition to the human and planetary health hazards posed by landfills, landfills require massive amounts of land—land that we are running out of. If a more effective solution for trash management isn’t discovered, the U.S. could be facing a trash crisis within the next two decades.

When it comes to scrap metal, there are other important reasons to keep metal out of the landfill that extends beyond the problems with landfills. These include: 

  • Metal recycling conserves energy. 
  • Metal recycling reduces the need for new metal mining, thereby conserving natural resources. 
  • Metal recycling supports one’s local economy. 
  • Metal recycling conserves water. 

How to Recycle Metal in Your Community

Whether you are a business owner or manager or a residential customer in Illinois, metal recycling is something that’s easy and convenient to do, especially when you work with Belson Steel. In fact, at Belson Steel, we’ll pay you top dollar for your metal! We’ll also handle all metal weighing and metal separation at our facility, so you don’t have to worry about that in advance. If you have a large quantity of scrap metal that’s ready for recycling, we can provide drop-off container services and transportation services. We’ll handle all of the metal processing in a way that’s environmentally responsible, too.

To learn more about Belson Steel and our scrap metal recycling services and why recycling metal is so important, call our team directly or send us a message at your convenience. We are here to support you.

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