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Feb 05 2022

Why Is Using Recycled Metal Products Better? 

As a business owner or a consumer, you use metal products on a daily basis. From parts for manufacturing purposes to the appliances in your home, metal is a huge part of our lives. But there’s a better option than buying new when you need metal—using recycled metal products is better. Here’s what you should know about the benefits of using recycled metal products—

What Types of Metals Can Be Recycled?

First, one important thing to know about using recycled metal products is that nearly all metal products are recyclable! Not only are the most common metals recyclable—such as steel and aluminum—but when metal is recycled, it doesn’t lose any of its strength or quality. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Recycled Metal Products?

There are multiple benefits of using recycled metal as opposed to virgin—or newly mined—metal products. These benefits include: 

  • Environmental benefits. One of the biggest benefits of using recycled metals is that doing so has environmental benefits. Using recycled metals conserves water and energy, and reduces the need for newly mined metals, which conserves resources and protects habitats. 
  • Cost-savings benefits. Another great benefit for those who are purchasing metals is that buying recycled metal is less expensive than virgin metal. 
  • Local economy benefits. Recycled metal is usually processed and sold by local companies that specialize in scrap metal recycling. By purchasing recycled metal, you’re supporting local workers and businesses in your community. 

Are There Any Downsides to Using Recycled Metal?

There are no downsides to using recycled metals. Metal recycling does not compromise metal integrity, and supports local supply chains and businesses. It’s great for the economy and the environment—a win-win for all those involved. 

At Belson Steel, we sell a variety of finished and semi-finished metal products that come from recycled metal. This includes rebar, mesh, plates, and more. 

Call Belson Steel Today

At Belson Steel, we are passionate about scrap metal recycling in Illinois. We both buy and sell metal to companies and consumers throughout Illinois and the surrounding states. We are a leading scrap metal recycler with a commitment to our customers, worker safety, and sustainability. If you’re on the fence about using recycled metal products and want to learn more, our team can answer any questions that you have. 

To learn more about recycled metal or to buy or sell scrap metal, please call Belson Steel directly today. You can reach us by phone or online to get started.

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