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Sep 20 2021

Which Scrap Metals Are Worth the Most? 

If you have scrap metal on your property, you may be able to sell it for cash. Our scrap metal buyers in Illinois will weigh your scrap metal, handle all metal separation, and can offer you a cash payment on the spot. While you should recycle all scrap metal to keep metal out of the landfill and help to conserve resources, some scrap metal is more valuable than others. Here’s what you should know about which scrap metals are worth the most, as well as how to start recycling scrap metal with Belson Steel today—

Which Scrap Metal Is the Most Valuable?

Here’s a list of some common scrap metals and their corresponding values. 

  • Copper. Aside from the obvious gold and silver, copper is certainly the most valuable scrap metal around. Copper scrap may be compensated at about $2-$4 per pound (note: these values can change depending on the market). The reason that copper is so valuable is that it is used in a variety of applications, including electrical wiring, plumbing, and electromagnetics. 
  • Brass. Another valuable metal is brass, which is coveted amongst those in the scrap industry. Unlike steel, copper, and aluminum, brass isn’t nearly as common. It’s also much more cost-effective to recycle brass than it is to make new brass, which is one of the reasons it’s valuable in the scrap metal recycling industry. 
  • Aluminum. Aluminum may not pay much per pound, but it still is a valuable metal. The reason that aluminum is so important to scrappers is that it can be recycled an infinite number of times, and because recycling aluminum requires over 90 percent less energy than making new aluminum. 
  • Silver. Of course, silver is very valuable, although it’s not commonly brought into the scrap yard. That being said, if you do have older silver pieces lying around, you could make some quick cash by bringing them into the scrap yard for recycling. 
  • Stainless steel. Stainless steel is, in many ways, the king of metals. It is used in countless industries for various applications. However, because there’s so much of it around, it’s often thought of as less valuable than harder-to-access metals, like copper and brass. That being said, you can still make some money by recycling steel. 
  • Gold. Gold is a precious metal that is much more valuable than other types of scrap metal. Again, if you have old gold pieces lying around—from jewelry to vases to old coins—you may make more by recycling it than you would by pawing it. 
  • Lead. Finally, lead is very valuable when it’s recycled, although pure forms of this metal are hard to come by.

Start Recycling with Belson Steel Today

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