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Jan 23 2023

Which Metals Are Easiest to Recycle? 

Recycling metal is one of the best things that you can do for the planet. When metals are recycled, they are kept in production and the need for new metal mining—which destroys habitat, endangers workers, and pollutes the air and water—is diminished. At Belson Steel, we are leaders in scrap metal recycling and also sell a variety of recycled metal products. While all metals are recyclable and can be recycled an infinite number of times, some metals are easier to recycle, both on the consumer and industrial side of things. Here’s what you should know about what metals are easiest to recycle and how to start recycling with Belson Steel—

The Easiest Metals to Recycle

All metals are recyclable, but for consumers, some metals may be more easily accessible than others. Some of the top easiest metals to recycle include:

  • Copper. Copper is one of the easiest—and most lucrative—metals for consumers to recycle, which is one of the reasons that copper theft is unfortunately common. The most common source of copper is cookware and some electronics; copper wiring is also found in buildings and homes. 
  • Lead. Lead is found in things like batteries, including car batteries and batteries in other motorized vehicles, like motorbikes and boats. Lead is one of the most important metals to recycle as it can be hazardous to human health when not properly disposed of. 
  • Aluminum. Aluminum is so easy to recycle because it’s found in dozens of products, including many food containers. Chances are that you have a number of aluminum cans in your pantry at this moment! Aluminum can be recycled an infinite number of times without sacrificing any of its physical characteristics. 
  • Steel. Like aluminum, steel is all around us. What’s more, steel is the most commonly recycled metal in the United States. Recycling steel uses very little energy and doesn’t compromise the integrity of the metal at all. 

How to Get Started Recycling with Belson Steel

Recycling your metal products with Belson Steel is easy! When you choose Belson Steel, we’ll pay you for your scrap metal. What’s more, if you have large items to recycle, such as an old vehicle, we can handle all of the transportation and logistics. We also offer drop-off and pick-up container services for businesses that produce large amounts of scrap metal.

To learn more about our metal recycling program and what types of metals you can recycle easily, call us, visit our scrap yard, or send us a message today.

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