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Mar 21 2023

What To Do Before You Junk Your Car

As more and more people become environmentally conscious, they may wonder what happens to some of the most commonly overlooked items that should be recycled. Your old car is only one example: if it’s simply rusting and unused in your backyard, you may wonder what you can do with it. Out of the 15 million vehicles that come to the end of their lifelines in the United States, 13 million of them are recycled at a junkyard, making this the best option and an easy way for you to make some easy cash. Here at Belson Steel, we are dedicated to keeping our local environment beautiful and safe. Call us to learn how we can help you recycle your junk car, and follow these steps to ensure a positive experience.

Take Your Personal Items

For many of us, our cars act as a second home. We use them to get practically anywhere, from a quick visit to the grocery store to a cross-country road trip. As a result, we fill them with many items to keep life convenient over the years. It’s no surprise that your car contains a lot of personal belongings, from important insurance documents to precious keepsakes like jewelry. In fact, many car owners end up discovering that the lost item they were searching for was in their car the whole time. Before dropping off your car at our scrap center, do a thorough check to remove anything you’d like to keep so you don’t part ways with it when we recycle your car. 

Remove Valuable Car Parts Before Junking

A wrecked or rusted vehicle may look like nothing more than junk, but it is actually an easy cash grab. There are plenty of parts that can be sold and reused, and you want to get the best value. Consider removing the alternator, entertainment system, starter motor and other important car parts. These parts can be sold to drivers who own a car that’s similar to yours, or even to manufacturers for restoration. You might also remove the tires and replace them with worn-down ones so the vehicle will still be towable. Consider your gas tank, too, since you may be able to pump out any remaining gas and use it for other purposes. 

Gather Your Paperwork

Unless you have documents that prove that you own the vehicle, most dealers will refuse your request to junk the car. It is possible without documentation, but the process is so much easier if you gather all of the important paperwork beforehand. Having your car title ready lets you transfer vehicle ownership to the dealer. If something unfortunate occurs, such as the car being stolen, you won’t have to participate in a theft investigation. 

If you don’t have your title, don’t worry. You can get a replacement from a state department of motor vehicles. Check with your state’s specific guidelines. 

Cancel Your Car Insurance

Be sure to cancel your insurance coverage for the vehicle that will be demolished. That way, you won’t be making payments before your policy ends. Even if your coverage is nearly used up, you should still notify your carrier to maintain a good business relationship.

Contact Belson Steel

Once you’ve completed all of the necessary steps, it’s time to recycle your junk car. Belson Steel is prepared to help, so call us to learn more.

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