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Dec 21 2021

What Kind of Specialty Work Can We Do? 

At Belson Steel, we are a leading scrap metal recycler. Not only do we buy a variety of metal products for scrap metal recycling, but we also sell semi-finished and finished new and recyclable metal products. What’s more, we offer a range of specialty services, primarily targeted to industrial businesses throughout Illinois and the surrounding states. To learn more about our specialty services and how we can serve your business, call us directly today or send us a message at your convenience. 

About Belson Steel

Belson Steel has grown from a small scrap yard to a full-service scrap processor and recycling center. Started in 1960, today, Belson Steel handles over 100,000 tons of materials annually. We are passionate about keeping materials out of the landfill and in circulation, and specialize in metal recovery services. In addition to our full-service metal recycling operations, we also offer on-site metal recovery services, as well as transportation and delivery services. 

Our Services

We offer a range of specialty services for businesses throughout the state. Our services include: 

  • Junk car recycling. For individuals and businesses with junk cars or old vehicles or machinery on their properties, we offer recycling services. We can also do all of the transportation and logistics associated with a job of this size, pay cash for scrap metal, and manage the metal processing from start to finish.
  • On-site railroad scrap recovery.  Many railroads and railcars are obsolete in today’s world, and railcars and tracks need to be recycled. We offer on-site railcar dismantling and recycling services throughout North America.
  • Wind farm decommissioning. One of our most advanced specialty services is that of wind farm decommissioning. While wind farms are an important part of the county’s renewable energy future, many old wind turbines need to be replaced with newer, more efficient models. This is a huge undertaking that involves a skilled and experienced professional to manage the process.
  • Deconstruction and demolition. We offer deconstruction and demolition services for large pieces of equipment, including military equipment and machinery, as well as buildings and other permanent structures. We specialize in metal recovery throughout this process.
  • Residential E-waste recycling. Belson Steel is partnering with the County of Kankakee to serve as the E-waste collection point for county residents. E-waste that can be recycled at our location includes computers, monitors, televisions, printers, fax machines, scanners, and more.

Contact Our Team Today

To learn more about our scrap metal recycling and processing services, including our specialty services, please reach out to our team online or by phone at your convenience. We are here to serve you!

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