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Sep 13 2021

What Is My Scrap Metal Turned Into? 

Scrap metal recycling is an incredibly important industry. Not only does scrap metal recycling help to create jobs for the local economy, but buying scrap metal recycling also helps to conserve resources, energy, and water, and diverts materials from quickly filling landfills. If you have scrap metal on your property, whether you’re a business owner or just a resident, recycling it is important and can earn you cash. If you have questions about what your scrap metal is turned into and why it’s important to recycle it, here’s what you should know—

Scrap Metal: Keeping Metal in the Circular Economy

When metal is recycled, it is kept in the circular economy. Then, it’s used to make various products and consumer goods. Here are some things that scrap metal is turned into and used for—

  • Consumer goods/residential uses. Much of the scrap metal that’s recycled is then sold to manufacturers of consumer goods who make residential products and appliances. For example, your home furnishings, fixtures, lighting, and appliances may all use recycled scrap. And that’s not all: many decorative pieces and artworks that feature metal use recycled scrap metal. There’s likely more recycled metal around your home than you’d originally think! 
  • Food packaging. The vast majority of canned goods available in the supermarket today contain recycled metal; some may even contain nearly 100 percent recycled materials. Aluminum can be recycled an infinite number of times, and recycling aluminum is much more sustainable than creating new aluminum. 
  • Industrial applications and manufacturing. As mentioned above, many household appliances and furnishings may contain scrap metal that was purchased by the manufacturers of those items. In addition to household appliances, auto manufacturers, commercial appliance manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, and more all use scrap metal. Scrap metal is also used in construction, plumbing, ductwork, and more. 

Anytime you see anything that contains metal, chances are that recycled scrap metal is part of the product. New metal mining is very expensive and relatively inefficient. 

Recycle Your Scrap Metal Today

Recycling your scrap metal is an important piece of doing your part. Fortunately, nearly all metal products can be recycled, and there may be a scrap metal recycling facility near Kankakee. What’s more, you can earn cash by recycling your scrap metal. To learn more about where to recycle your scrap metal and what types of metal can be recycled, reach out to our team at Belson Steel directly today.

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