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May 04 2021

What Happens to Scrap Metal After It’s Taken to a Scrap Yard?

At Belson Steel, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive scrap metal recycling and selling services. We are always here to sell or buy your unwanted metal, both ferrous and non-ferrous. We’re known as a leader with our environmentally-friendly approach. But what makes scrap metal recycling so important, and how does it work? If you regularly recycle scrap metal at our center, you may wonder what happens after we take it. The answer depends on the type of metal you’re giving us, its source and the amount. Here’s what you should know, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Sorting and Weighing

After you’ve dropped off your scrap metal—or if you’ve scheduled it to be picked up—we sort and weigh the items. Your step of the process is done right after we hand you the payment. But for us, it’s only the beginning. 


Once our scrap yard is filled with a certain kind of metal (such as non-ferrous materials), we send it to a metal furnace or smelter. During this stage, the metal undergoes transformation as high temperatures are applied to it—sometimes to thousands of degrees in Fahrenheit. Different alloys may also be melted and integrated into the mix to achieve the ideal results. Depending on the options, the smelter may use a specific kind of metal or a combination. 

Ingot Creation

After the metals have been melted and turned into a liquid state, they are poured into molds and turned into ingots. These blocks of metal, which are purposefully cast into a simple shape for further processing, will then be sold to companies for use and used in production lines. 

Remelted Into Other Products

After the ingots are sold and sent to the manufacturer, they are remelted and used in a number of products: pipes, cars, furniture and much more. The ingots can also be turned into sheet metal and food containers. There are so many possibilities, which is why metal recycling is always the right choice. 

Metal Recycling is Good for the Environment

As you can see, recycling scrap metal rather than tossing it into a landfill is highly advantageous. Not only do you get some extra cash in your pocket, but you can feel good knowing your old electronics and metal objects are going to be reused. The process keeps perfectly good materials out of the environment, contributing to a healthier local community. Plus, it gives you a feeling of satisfaction. Our team is dedicated to an environmentally-friendly approach to scrap metal recycling, so you can depend on us. 

Call Us Today to Drop Off Your Scrap Metal!

Knowing what happens to your scrap metal after you drop it off at Belson Steel gives you peace of mind. We work hard to ensure your metal is recycled in a way that promotes a healthier environment. If you are ready to drop off your scrap metal, or if you’d like to schedule a pickup, call us now

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