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Feb 02 2021

What Happens to Metal After It’s Brought to a Scrap Yard

Did you know that scrap metal recycling is one of the most important things that you can do to support keeping materials out of the landfill and conserving energy and resources? What’s more, when people and businesses recycle scrap metal, they can get paid for the metal they bring in. If you’re wondering what happens to metal once it’s brought to a scrap yard, here’s what you need to know—

Metal Is Weighed and Separated

Did you know that there are two overarching categories of metal? Metals can be either ferrous, which means that they contain iron, or nonferrous, which means that they do not contain iron. It’s important that materials are separated into ferrous and nonferrous metals before processing. At Belson Steel Center Scrap Inc., metal separation is one of the first things that we do.

We’ll also weigh metal that’s brought in. It’s important for us to keep track of how many pounds of metal we collect and process, and it’s also important that we weigh metal so that we know how much we owe those who sell metal to us. 

Metal Is Shredded and Melted

After metal is weighed and separated, the next step is metal shredding. Shredding involves tearing and crushing the metal into smaller pieces so that it can move through conveyor belts; then it’s shredded in preparation for melting.

One of the reasons that metal separation is so important is that different furnaces are needed for different metals. Once metal has been shredded, it’s ready to go to the furnace for melting. After melting, metals are ready to be purified and solidified. 

Metal Is Purified and Solidified

Before the metal is solidified, it’s important to purify the metal. This is done to ensure that once metal is solidified and in its final form, it’s as high quality as possible and free from impurities and contaminants. 

Finally, the last stage in the process is solidification, where the metal is molded into various shapes. These shapes can then be used to make various metal products. Once the product is shaped into its final form and distributed and used, it can then be recycled again

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