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Jun 08 2022

What Can My Recycled Video Game Console Be Made Into? 

Recycling your old electronics is an important part of keeping materials out of the landfill and doing your part to keep materials in circulation. If you have an old video game console, don’t just throw it in the trash! Instead, bring it to our facility for responsible recycling. Consider the benefits of electronics recycling and learn more about all of the neat things your recycled video game console can be made into—

What Are Video Game Consoles Made Of?

Video game consoles are made of recyclable parts, including plastic casing, the circuit board, and game disks. However, you can’t just drop your video game console in the recycling bin and call it good—you need to bring it to a specific electronics recycler who can separate parts and that offers recycling for polycarbonate and polystyrene plastic, both of which are typically found in video game consoles and their cases. 

What Can Recycled Video Game Consoles Be Made Into?

The plastics that are found in video game consoles can be recycled and made into many different materials. For example, the plastic can be recycled and made into toys, smoke detectors, kitchenware, and numerous other consumer products. And that’s not all: video game consoles may also contain precious metals, like gold. These metals can be melted down and remade into various valuable materials. The precious metals are found in the video game consoles’ circuit boards, which are called carts. 

Why Should I Recycle My Video Game Console?

It’s always a good idea to recycle your video game console rather than send it to the landfill. If video game consoles are sent to an incinerator, they can release harmful chemicals when they are burned. Landfills are also quickly filling up, so diverting recyclable materials from the landfill is important. Recycling also helps to keep materials in production and reduces the need for new materials, which are produced through extractive methods. Recycling materials also helps to support local workers and local jobs. 

Learn More About Electronics Recycling Near You

At Belson Steel, we are a leading electronics recycler. To learn more about how to recycle your old electronics, including video game consoles, reach out to us directly. We are accepting computers, small servers, computer monitors, televisions, printers, fax machines, scanners, DVD players, video game consoles, digital converter boxes, cable receivers, electronic keyboards, and more as part of our residential e-waste recycling program. Call us today to learn more about what we recycle or stop into our electronics recycling center at your convenience.

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