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Aug 24 2021

We Need to Be Recycling More Tin—Here’s Why!

Tin and aluminum are all around us. Most notably, most of the canned products you buy in the store contain these metals. Unfortunately, however, far too much tin ends up in the landfill rather than being responsibly recycled. We need to be recycling more tin! Here’s an overview of why tin recycling is so important and what you can start doing to do your part today. 

The Benefits of Recycling Tin

There are multiple benefits to recycling tin. These benefits are both environmental and economic and include:

  • Saved energy. One of the most notable benefits of recycling tin is simply that doing so conserves a large amount of energy. According to some sources, the amount of energy conserved by using recycled steel in comparison to virgin ore is up to 56 percent more. In a time where energy is scarce and has high climate demands, reducing energy consumption is an important component of any sustainability plan. 
  • Reduced mining. Another way in which recycling tin is beneficial to the environment is because recycling tin reduces the need to mine new ore. Not only is mining new ore something that demands a lot of energy, but it also results in habitat destruction, too. Mining can be polluting, dangerous to workers’ health, and threaten species in the area. 
  • Generated jobs. In order for metal to be recycled, there must be a team of people to collect, transport, and process the metal, as well as distribute the finished product. When you locally recycle metal tins, you’re supporting your local economy and local workers. This is a great thing for the economy and your community. 
  • No limits. Recycling tin also has limitless potential. In fact, not only are aluminum cans 100 percent recyclable, but they can also be recycled time and time again with no loss of metal. This is also true for tin and steel. This means that recycling tin (and many other metal products) is truly one of the most sustainable things you can do. 

How to Recycle Tin Today

If you have tin, whether in the form of tin cans or other tin products, it’s smart to hold onto them and bring them into a recycling center for processing. At Belson Steel, we are a leader in scrap metal recycling, including tin recycling. We maintain a scrapyard where you can buy and sell scrap metal, and sell us your tin products for responsible recycling today. To learn more about our facility and how we can help, as well as the importance of tin recycling, call us directly today. We are here for you.

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