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Aug 10 2021

Tips for Recycling Food Cans 

When it comes to environmental sustainability, recycling is an important piece of doing your part. While recycling is key for big companies that produce large amounts of waste, it’s also important for consumers to engage in recycling as part of their routines, too. At Belson Steel, we are passionate about recycling and helping consumers and businesses find ways to reduce the amount of material they send to the landfill. Here’s an overview of what you should know about the advantages of recycling food cans, as well as some tips for food can recycling

Find Out if It’s Recyclable

The first tip in recycling food cans is to determine whether or not whatever you’re eating out of is actually recyclable. Just because something looks like it should be able to go into the recycling bin doesn’t mean it can. Most metal cans, including aluminum cans, are definitely recyclable; however, if you have any doubts, scan the can for the recycling symbol or text informing you that you should indeed recycle it.

Remove Labels if Necessary

While most cans are recyclable, their labels may not be. It’s always smart to remove labels before sending anything to the recycling bin or the scrapyard. 

Wash Out Cans Completely

There’s little joy in washing out cans that you don’t plan to personally reuse again, but washing out food cans is an important part of ensuring that the can is eligible for recycling. If there are leftover foods or liquids within the cans, this could contaminate other recyclables.

Consider Stocking Up

If you’re like most people, your metal food containers may go straight into the recycling bin the moment it’s emptied; however, they may be an opportunity for you to actually earn money through aluminum can recycling. One idea is to collect your metal cans in your garage. Once you have a large enough load, do a check of your garage, basement, kitchen, and yard to search for other unused, damaged, or old metal or metal-containing products. If you bring these items into the scrapyard, you can earn cash payment for your scrap. 

Metal Can Recycling Is Important—Do Your Part Today

Aluminum recycling, scrap metal recycling, and food can recycling are each an important part of keeping materials out of the landfill, reducing waste, and conserving resources. To learn more about how to recycle your cans with Belson Steel, please visit our scrapyard or call us today. We take a variety of metal products and always offer fair market prices. Reach out to us today to learn more. 

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