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May 27 2022

There’s Zinc in My Car that Can Be Recycled? 

If you have an old vehicle on your property or old equipment or machinery that’s gathering dust and creating an eyesore, you have options. At Belson Steel, we offer junk car recycling and old equipment recycling. Through the recycling process, we can recover and recycle many metals, such as zinc. If you’ve heard that there’s zinc in your car that can be recycled, you’re not wrong. Here’s what you should know about vehicle recycling and the services we offer at Belson Steel—

Can Zinc Be Recycled?

Yes! Like other metals, zinc can—and should!—be recycled. Zinc is one of the metals that is infinitely recyclable, which means that it can be recycled an infinite number of times without the loss of chemical or physical properties. In other words, zinc will maintain its same characteristics after being recycled as if it were virgin zinc.

Zinc has a number of uses in today’s modern world. Zinc is most commonly used to protect steel from corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing. In addition to being found in products like galvanized steel, you can also find it in brass, die-casting, and some American coins. Die-case is used in some automobiles. 

Why Recycle an Old Car?

Recycling an old vehicle has many benefits. The zinc in an old vehicle can be recovered, allowing it to be recycled rather than sent to the landfill. This is important because only about a third of zinc in production today originates from recycled zinc; the rest comes from mined ore. Mining zinc has environmental and human health consequences. Recycling zinc conserves water and energy. It also reduces landfill waste. Metal recycling also helps to support the local economy and local workers. 

And zinc isn’t the only metal that is recoverable when an automobile is recycled! Carbon steel, alloy steel, wrought iron, and cast iron are all common types of recoverable metals.

That’s not all—when you recycle your automobile with Belson Steel, we’ll pay you top dollar for the scrap metal. This is a win-win for you and the planet! 

Junk Car Recycling Services from Belson Steel

We make junk car recycling easy. We know that bringing an old vehicle or old equipment into our location could pose a logistical challenge, which is why we handle all of the transportation and logistics associated with the process, including metal weighing and separation. Just give us a call to learn more about how we can help. 

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Metal recycling is important, and old vehicles are a great source of scrap metal. To learn more about junk car recycling near you, call Belson Steel today.

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