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Jul 14 2020

The Environmental Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling 

For business in various industries throughout Illinois, scrap metal recycling makes sense for a lot of reasons, including that companies like ours–Belson Steel Center Scrap Inc.–will pay you top dollar for your scrap metal. But in addition to the obvious reasons, there’s another reason to participate in scrap metal recycling: it’s good for the environment. At Belson Steel Center Scrap Inc., we are excited about the environmental benefits of scrap metal recycling, and we always prioritize the most sustainable practices in our scrap metal recycling process

How Much Scrap Metal Does the U.S. Recycle?

Every year, the United States recycles 150 million metric tons of scrap metal. This is broken up into approximately:

  • 85 million tons of iron and steel;
  • 5.5 million tons of aluminum;
  • 1.8 million tons of copper;
  • 2 million tons of stainless steel;
  • 1.2 million tons of lead; and
  • 420, 000 tons of lead.

Recycling Metal Is the Only Sustainable Option

Metal is mined and, by definition, is unsustainable: there is a finite amount of metal on earth, and metal and minerals have been referenced as one of the world’s scarcest materials. As a non-renewable resource, continually mining for new metals means that there will come a day where there is no more metal left to mine. However, there is an option that is sustainable: metal recycling. When metal is recycled, it reduces the need for new metal mining and allows us to re-use the metal that’s already in production.

Helping the Planet Along the Way

Mining for a non-renewable resource isn’t only unsustainable, but it’s also damaging for the environment. Mining is a process associated with environmental toxins and pollutants, including acid mine drainage. (There are also a number of human rights and labor law concerns related to mining, too.) 

Recycling metal also conserves energy and natural resources. For example, recycling aluminum saves up to 92 percent more energy than mining for virgin ore; recycling steel vs. mining for it saves up to 56 percent energy. In addition to energy, coal, limestone, and water are also conserved, too. 

Make the Smart Choice for Your Business and the Planet

If you want to learn more about scrap metal recycling in Illinois and why it’s the smart choice for your business and our planet, please reach out to Belson Steel Center Scrap Inc. directly today. We have the expertise and reputation you can trust, as we are a leader in the scrap recycling industry. Reach us today to learn more.

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