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Apr 10 2022

Ten Largest Landfills in the World: How Recycling Can Prevent More from Being Created 

As landfills continue to fill up, they pose a number of concerns: we’re running out of land to accommodate landfills, landfills are smelly and create unpleasant conditions for those in nearby neighborhoods, and landfills are often toxic and extremely dangerous for both human and planetary health. Consider the following information about the 10 largest landfills in the world and how recycling can help to prevent more waste from being created: 

10 Largest Landfills

According to World Atlas, the 10 largest landfills in the world are located in the following places:

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada (2,200 acres)
  2. Mexico City, Mexico (927 acres)
  3. Shanghai, China (830 acres)
  4. Rome, Italy (680 acres)
  5. Los Angeles, California (630 acres)
  6. Incheon, South Korea (570 acres)
  7. New Delhi, India (500 acres)
  8. Mumbai, India (326 acres)
  9. Tuen Mun, Hong Kong (272 acres)
  10. Guangzhou, China (227 acres)

The Benefits of Recycling

As mentioned above, filling up the landfills has negative consequences for the earth and human health. What’s more, filling up our landfills is wasteful. Sending materials to the landfill that could be recycled means wasted resources and lost energy. When materials are recycled, energy and natural resources are conserved; local economies and jobs are also supported. 

At Belson Steel, we’re passionate about scrap metal recycling. Metal can be infinitely recycled without losing its strength or durability. When metal is recycled, the need for new metal mining is reduced. Not only does this conserve energy and water, but it also can prevent habitat loss and mining-related environmental and human harms. 

Our Scrap Metal Recycling Services

Our team specializes in scrap metal recycling. When you call us, you can count on us to manage 100 percent of your scrap recycling project. You can bring materials directly to our center for recycling or, if you have a large load, we can provide transportation services, including container services. We handle all metal separation and weighing, and we pay top dollar for your scrap! This makes recycling with us a win-win for you, our team, and the planet. 

Call Belson Steel Today for Scrap Metal Recycling Services

If you are interested in scrap metal recycling and how you can do your part to divert materials from the landfill, reach out to us today. We are able to recycle all scrap metal and specialize in scrap recovery. To learn more about what we buy and sell, as well as our metal prices, contact us by phone or online. We look forward to helping you do your part to mitigate landfill waste!

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