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Jan 09 2023

Scrap Metal Recycling Safety Tips 

Recycling centers provide a fantastic public service that benefits everyone. Residents and consumers have a convenient way to responsibly dispose of products they no longer need, and recycling helps to keep materials in production and reduce the need for new metal mining, which helps to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions while conserving resources. However, as great as recycling centers are, these large industrial complexes can also pose hazards, as can the act of collecting scrap metal. When you’re recycling scrap metal, here are some tips to keep you safe—

1. Exercise Caution When Collecting Scrap Metal

One of the first things to think about when collecting scrap metal is how to do so safely. Scrap metal can have sharp edges, and tetanus can be a risk if you’re cut and not vaccinated. Always wear good gloves.

2. Stay in Your Car When Visiting the Scrap Facility

When dropping off scrap metal for recycling, it’s best to stay in your car unless loading or unloading scrap or checking out with the cashier. Scrap facilities have many moving vehicles and large equipment and machinery that can be dangerous.

3. Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

When visiting a scrap yard or metal recycling center, exercise caution by paying attention to your surroundings. Heavy foot and vehicle traffic, exposure to the elements, large machinery, and other hazards can be dangerous. Always make sure your headphones are out and you’re paying attention when walking around a recycling center. Do not enter areas that are marked off-limits for customers. 

4. Wear Long Sleeves, Pants, and Appropriate Footwear

Especially on a hot summer’s day, you may be tempted to wear shorts and flip-flops when collecting scrap or visiting a scrap yard for drop-off or metal purchasing. However, the safest thing to do is to always wear long sleeves, pants, and good, sturdy footwear when collecting scrap or at a scrap yard or recycling center. Appropriate clothing helps to protect against the elements and always reduces your risk of scrapes and cuts that are common when working with sharp metal. 

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At Belson Steel, we own and operate multiple scrap metal recycling centers. If you are interested in buying or selling metal from us, reach out to our experienced team directly. We can answer all of your questions about what we buy and what we sell, as well as what to know when visiting our recycling centers. We look forward to hearing from you!

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