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Mar 08 2023

Scrap Metal Hidden in Your Home

Many people don’t realize the benefits of recycling their scrap metal. Repurposing old appliances, electronics and metal materials protects the environment and ensures those resources don’t go to waste. Instead of throwing them into the landfill, recycle old scrap metals with Belson Steel. There are many items we accept, including ones you probably have lying around your house right now. Be sure to look for these hidden sources of scrap metal, and if you find any you’d like to sell, give us a call.

Popular Scrap Metal Sources

Scrap metal can be ferrous or non-ferrous. Ferrous metals are those that contain iron, and they have magnetic properties. Examples include wrought and cast iron, stainless steel, carbon, carbide and tungsten. On the other hand, non-ferrous metals do not have iron. Copper, tin, lead and brass are a few common non-ferrous metals. Some popular sources of these metals include the following:

  • Pipes. Homeowners who are working on a renovation may come across plumbing materials that can be recycled. Copper tubing is commonly discovered during renovations, and if this is the case for you, it’s time to get a bit of extra cash. Copper is a highly desirable material with high value, and it’s simple to recycle. We gladly buy copper tubing from you and will take them off of your hands in exchange for a market-competitive fee.
  • Fixtures. All kinds of home fixtures use brass, including door knobs, lighting fixtures, light switch plates and handles. You may find brass in your kitchen or bathroom when renovating, and keep in mind that you can easily recycle brass instead of throwing it away.
  • Sinks. Kitchen sinks are typically made of copper or stainless steel. Both of these materials can be recycled, and our team can buy them from you.
  • Electronics. Metals are found in many different electronics. Cables, televisions, computers and printers are only a few of the countless electronic waste that gets thrown away every year. Belson Steel accepts certain old electronics since we can reuse the metal materials and wiring that they contain.
  • Miscellaneous Items. Find scrap metal in the form of countless household items. In your kitchen, you might have old aluminum pots, copper pans and appliances that contain stainless steel. Outdoors, look for metal lawn chairs, patio furniture and railings that can be given a brand new life by our team.

Our Team Is Here to Help Haul Your Scrap Metal

Once you’ve rounded up your scrap metal, it’s time to bring it to a recycling center. Of course, this is often easier said than done since the time and money needed to transport these items can be more than what you can provide. Fortunately, there’s no need for you to do it alone. Belson Steel is prepared to assist you. With over sixty years of experience in the scrap metal recycling industry, we are more than capable. We will quickly haul away your scrap metal in one of our containers and give you a great price for the materials. You’ll feel good knowing we keep as much of your scrap metal out of the landfill as possible; as a result, you support a cleaner environment. Call us today to get started!

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