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Jul 11 2022

Introduction to Metal Recycling 

As the planet warms and landfills reach capacity, there is more emphasis than ever before on sustainability efforts, including recycling. One of the most important types of materials to recycle is metal. Here’s what you should know about metal recycling and how Belson Steel can help you to reach your metal recycling goals—

Why Recycle Metal?

Recycling metal is an important piece of doing your part for the planet. When metal is recycled, materials are kept in circulation and can be used again rather than being sent to the landfill. Reusing materials helps to conserve energy and water, and also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also important to recycle as much as possible for the purpose of diverting waste from landfills, which are quickly filling up, raising the questions of what humans will do with their trash in the future.

In addition to planetary concerns, consider that recycling metal helps to support local jobs and workers. It can also be a way to earn a little extra income. At Belson Steel, we pay cash for scrap metal! 

The Metal Recycling Process

The metal recycling process begins with collection. At Belson Steel, individuals and businesses may bring metal directly to our site for recycling, or we offer on-site container services, as well as transportation services for larger scrap metal loads and materials (i.e. junk vehicles). 

Once metal is at our location, the next step is sorting. Metals must be sorted into ferrous (iron-containing) and non-ferrous (non-iron-containing) groups before being processed. Magnets and special sensors do this.

After sorting has been completed, processing—where metals are shredding—and melting can ensue. After melting is complete, then metal purification occurs, which is the process whereby contaminants are removed and the quality of the final product is improved. 

Finally, after melting and purification, the metal is cooled. Scrap metal may be worked into certain shapes, such as bars, so that it can then be used for the production of various other metal products. It’s important to note that metal can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing quality or strength. 

Call Belson Steel Today for Metal Recycling Near You

To learn more about scrap metal recycling and the metal recycling process, as well as how you can work with Belson Steel to start recycling your metal products today and earning cash, call us directly. Belson Steel has been a leader in the scrap metal recycling business for over six decades and has a reputation you can trust. 

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