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Jun 30 2021

How is Steel Recycled?

Recycling is an integral part of keeping our earth clean for many generations. One of the most viable materials is steel, which can be remelted down over and over to create something brand new. In fact, recycling one ton of steel saves thousands of pounds of iron ore and coal. Plus, steel can be reused in a variety of products, so if you have any scraps, be sure to bring it to a trustworthy scrap yard like Belson Steel. Of course, you may be wondering what the recycling process looks like. Below is a basic outline of what to expect after you drop your steel off at our scrap center. 

Collection and Sorting

Recycling steel, as well as any other scrap metals you might have, is easy. All you need to do is drop your materials off at Belson Steel. Alternatively, if you are unable to transport it yourself, we can arrange a pickup time to come and take it away for you. We’ll weigh your items and give you a payment. Once we’ve collected your materials, we sort them on a special conveyor belt that uses a magnetic force to separate steel from other kinds of metals. Steel items are baled and then sent to a steel mill. 

Processing and Converting

After arriving at a steel mill or other facility, the scrap steel is melted down in temperatures of up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Steel cans are often melted along with other materials, such as scrap metal taken from old automobile parts. Once the metals have been processed, they are converted into slabs, which are rolled into sheets. This makes it easy to transport the materials to be further processed into something new. 


The steel sheets are eventually transformed into tubes and other shapes through welding. Then, we can make pipes, tools, construction beams, and even everyday items like bicycles! As you can see, scrap metal can go a long way and find a new life through a variety of uses. That’s why recycling steel is always an excellent choice. 

Choose Belson Steel to Sell and Recycle Your Scrap Metal

Now that you know what to expect when you recycle your steel scraps, it’s time to find a reliable recycling center. Belson Steel has provided quality metal recycling services since 1960. Our experts are seasoned in a variety of scrap metal needs and we are more than happy to answer your questions by phone. For instance, if you have a question about whether we accept a material, we can do so before you arrive to save time. We also offer competitive pricing that’s in line with the market. 

Our experts can arrange industrial scrap metal pickup for materials that are too large for you to bring on your own. It’s one of the many ways we uphold your needs as our valued customer. 

Call Us Today

Recycling is a worthwhile investment that contributes to a cleaner earth. If you are ready to recycle your scrap steel, call Belson Steel today to plan your drop-off.

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