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Recyclable Metal

What Types of Metals Can Be Recycled?

When you choose to recycle your scrap metal, you are making a decision that will protect the environment and reduce energy consumption. You’re likely already aware of the common materials that can be recycled, such as metal cans. But how do you determine if a material is recyclable or not? 

Belson Steel is here to help. At our scrap yard, we manage a wide variety of metals and send them to places where they’re turned into something brand new. We’ve included the most common metals we encounter, as well as where the metals are typically found.  

The Types of Metals That Are Recyclable

Metals are materials taken from rocks. It requires lots of energy to mine the rocks, grind them and smelting to retrieve the parts that industrial companies need. With all this in mind, recycling can help avoid this process altogether. Recycling your metals at our scrap yard reduces waste and ensures perfectly good materials are properly used instead of mining new ones from scratch. By recycling these precious resources, you’re helping to save energy and reduce landfill usage. 

What many people don’t realize is that almost all metals are recyclable in some way. Here are a few metals to familiarize yourself with, as we readily accept these. 

  • Aluminum: Aluminum is the third most common element. It’s lightweight and silver colored. You’ll see aluminum used in all sorts of everyday items.
  • Brass and Bronze: Both of these metals are copper alloys that may contain zinc or tin, respectively.
  • Iron: Iron is commonly used in a variety of household items, some of which can be recycled. A few examples include iron found in certain appliances, tools, shelving and more.
  • Steel: Steel is commonly used in food packaging, as well as construction. We accept both regular steel and the stainless variety.
  • And More!

There are all kinds of recyclable metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous. We accept both varieties as they each serve an important purpose when they are eventually transformed into something new. The shape or condition of your scrap metal isn’t necessarily important: for instance, we take whole sheets of aluminum, as well as old soda cans. Be sure all materials are clean and free of food particles or other contaminants.  

In general, a few common household items that cannot be recycled include: 

  • Items containing lead
  • Uncleaned paint cans
  • Motor oil cans
  • Items containing mercury, such as certain thermometers
  • Propane gas tanks

We don’t accept any kind of material that will potentially harm us since safety is one of our top priorities. If you aren’t sure whether the item is recyclable, give us a call before stopping by our scrap yard, and we’ll be happy to help you sort it out. 

Contact Us Today to Sell Your Scrap Metal

If you discover you have any of these metals on hand, be sure to drop them off at Belson Steel, your neighborhood scrap yard. We are prepared to take your scrap metal off your hands, so stop by today or call us to learn about our transportation services.  

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