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Jan 09 2022

Does Aluminum Become Weaker if it’s Recycled and Reused? 

One of the most amazing things about metal recycling is that it is infinite—metal can be recycled time and time again. At Belston Steel, we are passionate about metal recycling and strive to keep as many materials out of the landfill as possible. At our facility, we collect and recycle aluminum products, including aluminum cans. Here’s what you should know about the benefits of aluminum recycling and whether aluminum becomes weaker when it’s recycled and reused. For more information, reach out to our recycling experts directly. 

Why Recycle Aluminum?

Recycling aluminum is much less energy-intensive than creating new aluminum. When aluminum is recycled, the metal can simply be melted down and then reformed. When new aluminum is created, on the other hand, aluminum oxide must be first mined from bauxite ore and then refined into aluminum oxide and then refined again into aluminum. It takes just five percent of the energy to recycle aluminum as it does to make new aluminum from raw materials. These energy savings contribute to the environmental benefits of recycling aluminum; in addition to reduced energy consumption, recycling helps to conserve habitat by reducing the need for new metal mining, and can also lead to a reduction in carbon emissions depending on the type of energy used in recycling. 

Recycling aluminum also has benefits to the local economy. By recycling metal at a local facility, you’re supporting local workers and local jobs. Finally, you can also get paid to recycle metal. 

Does Aluminum Get Weaker as it’s Reused?

One of the best things about recycling aluminum is that aluminum can be recycled indefinitely. Indeed, an aluminum can (or another aluminum object) can be melted down and reformed into a new aluminum can (or another aluminum object) without losing anything in the process—the newly formed object’s metal isn’t any weaker than the original’s. This is perhaps why nearly 75 percent of the aluminum ever produced is still in use today. Compare this to plastics, which experts say only nine percent of the total amount of material ever produced has been recycled. 

Where Can I Buy and Sell Aluminum Products?

At Belson Steel, you can buy and sell aluminum products and other new and reused steel products at our scrap yard. We will pay for your metal products and handle all weighing and metal separation. We can even provide containers with transportation services. To learn more about our scrap yard and why we’re passionate about scrap metal recycling and how to get started, reach out to our team today by phone or online.

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