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Recycling Center in Joliet, IL 

Recycling centers are becoming more and more important as local governments, states, and the whole world think about sustainability. What’s more, recycling centers are also integral to the local economy and support local jobs and workers. At Belson Steel, we are proud to maintain a recycling center in Joliet, IL that offers a full range of scrap metal recycling services. To learn more about our recycling center in Joliet, IL and how it may serve you, reach out to us directly today. 

The Benefits of a Recycling Scrap Metal

Recycling scrap metal has a multitude of benefits, two of which were alluded to above. 

  • Recycling scrap metal is better for the planet. There’s no doubt about it—recycling scrap metal is better for the planet. Recycling metal takes less water, energy, and other resources than does new metal mining; it also doesn’t require habitat destruction, which new metal mining does. Keeping metal in circulation also helps to conserve landfill space, which is becoming more and more scarce. Overall, recycling scrap metal is a great way to further sustainability efforts, especially when recycling with a company like Belson Steel that cares about sustainability and makes it a priority. 
  • Recycling scrap metal supports the local economy. When new metal is mined, it’s often done in other countries, supporting foreign workers and markets. While the global economy is very important, supporting the local economy and local jobs helps small towns and cities thrive. We are proud to be a top employer of local workers. 
  • Recycling scrap metal can earn you money. When you sell scrap metal to us, we’ll pay you top dollar—based on current market prices—for your scrap. Purchasing recycling steel products from us is also less expensive than purchasing new products, yet recycled steel is just as strong and durable. 

Services at Our Joliet, Illinois Recycling Center

We provide a range of services at our Joliet, Illinois recycling center. Please call us directly for more details about any of the following: 

  • Scrapyard. At our scrap yard, you can bring metal and metal-containing products for sale—we’ll handle all weighing and metal separation. You will also find a variety of new and reusable steel, stainless steel, and aluminum products for sale.
  • Demolition services. If your business requires demolition services, we’re the team that you can trust. We specialize in demolition services that include metal recovery.
  • Junk car recycling. Have old junk vehicles or equipment on your property? We can pick up old vehicles and equipment and bring them to our location for recycling.
  • Metal products for sale. In addition to purchasing metal for recycling, we also sell metal products, including rebar, plate, mesh, squares, rounds, and much more.
  • More. We also offer on-site drop-off container services, wind farm decommissioning services, and more. Reach out to us directly for a full list of our services.

Work with Belson Steel and Our Recycling Center in Joliet, IL

To learn more about Belson Steel and our recycling center in Joliet, IL, please call us directly or send us a message online at your convenience. We are passionate about scrap metal recycling and look forward to serving you. 

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