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Recycling Center Near Bloomington-Normal

Recycling Center Near Bloomington-Normal

If you have lots of scrap metal at your place of business and need to find a recycling center near you to pick it up in the Bloomington-Normal area, look to Belson Steel Center Scrap, Inc. on Route 50. They offer a scrap container drop off and pick up service for your location. Also, they pay top dollar for all your ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap.

Do you need to find a metal supplier for your business who you can trust? Belson Steel Center Scrap, Inc. on Route 50, a recycling center near Bloomington-Normal have spent the last 50 years building a reputation that is hard to match in the industry. From day one when you work with the team at Belson Steel Center Scrap, Inc., you will be creating a working relationship that is built on mutual respect and trust. You will know you are getting a good product at a fair price.

Why Choose Belson Steel Center Scrap, Inc., Your Recycling Center near Bloomington-Normal

Many businesses do business with the professionals at Belson Steel Center Scrap, Inc. because they offer a fair price at their recycling center and have a variety of metal products for sale. Plus, they have been in business for over 50 years, so they understand the needs of companies who depend on metal products to run their operations. At Belson Steel Center Scrap, Inc., we offer the following types of new and remanufactured steel products:

Angles. Roll-formed steel that is L-shaped.
I-beams. A steel beam with a cross section that is shaped like the letter I.
C-beam. A c-beam or channel is a beam with a wide-web.
Strips. Strips of metal in a variety of lengths and widths.
Flats. Flats of metal in a variety of lengths and widths.
Expanded steel. Sheets of metal that feature diamond-shaped openings.
Tubing. Metal tubes in various sizes.
Rebar. Rebar is a reinforcing bar that is used when pouring concrete for roads and driveways.
Mesh. Mesh is woven metal.
Rounds. Metal that is shaped like a circle.
Squares. Metal that is shaped with four flat sides and is a square.
Plates. A rectangular sheet of metal is considered a plate.
Galvanized sheets. A galvanized sheet of metal is the metal used in HVAC systems.
Cold-finished steel. Bars of steel that are round and even.

Contact Belson Steel Center Scrap, Inc., Your Recycling Center near Bloomington-Normal Today

Belson Steel Center Scrap, Inc. on Route 50 near Bloomington-Normal has been recycling metal for over 50 years. Contact us to find out about the metal products we sell. Or, If you want to schedule a pickup or a container drop off, feel free to phone us at 815-932-7416 Or, fill out the information on the contact form on our website. We will respond to your inquiry promptly.

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