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Peoria Scrap Metal Recycling

Peoria Scrap Metal Recycling

For businesses big and small in Peoria and surrounding areas of Illinois that produce scrap metal, Peoria scrap metal recycling is a smart thing you can do for your business and the planet. At Belson Steel Center Scrap Inc., we have been providing scrap metal recycling services since 1960. Today, we are a leader in the state in terms of scrap metal recycling, metal purchasing, wind farm scrap collection, and demolition and metal recovery services. 

Our Peoria Scrap Metal Recycling Services Made Easy

We believe that recycling your business’s scrap metal is the smart and responsible thing to do. Indeed, when scrap metal is recycled, materials are conserved, energy is saved, resources are conserved, and jobs are created. 

We think that recycling your scrap metal should be easy, and not just because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it makes sense logistically. Which is why we do everything we can to support your business in its scrap metal recycling needs. This includes:

  • Metal recovery. Our goal is to keep all scrap metal out of the landfill, which often means that metal recovery is required. We use the best in metal separation and recovery technology, and can also perform demolition and deconstruction services with this in mind. 
  • Metal sorting. You don’t need to sort your metal before bringing it to our site – this is something that we can manage for you. Note that we accept a long list of both ferrous and nonferrous materials, including products and materials like electronics, automobiles, power supplies, and more. Refer to our website for more information. 
  • On-site containers. If your business needs an on-site scrap collection container for efficiency, we can provide that, too. We offer scrap containers in various sizes. 
  • Transportation services. If you have a large load of scrap that you need to be transported to our location, we can do all of the heavy lifting. We also provide transportation services in conjunction with our on-site container services. 
  • Cash payments. If nothing else, let the fact that we pay top dollar for scrap metal, in cash, be your motivation for recycling your scrap metal. This is an easy way to boost your business’s revenue with an item that you would otherwise be spending time and energy on to move to the dumps.

Learn More About Our Peoria Scrap Metal Recycling Center Today

Recycling scrap metal is easy, effective, and profitable for businesses like yours in Peoria and surrounding areas. To help you with the process, turn to the trusted and experienced Peoria scrap metal recycling center – Belson Steel Center Scrap Inc. We provide comprehensive services, have been in the industry for nearly 60 years, and are truly passionate about what we do. With every scrap recycling job, we prioritize worker health and safety and environmental responsibility. 

To learn more about our practices and our services, please reach out to us today. You can reach us by phone or online. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 

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