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Joliet Recycling Centers

Joliet Recycling Centers

Scrap metal recycling is an easy way to make a positive environmental impact, clean up your site, and increase your business’s revenue streams. At Belson Steel Center Scrap Inc., we have been providing services and maintaining  Joliet recycling centers for industrial partners, commercial businesses, and individuals for nearly 60 years. For scrap metal recycling services from a trusted name in the industry, reach out to our team today.

Our Scrap Metal Recycling Services

Our Joliet recycling centers are your go-to location for all scrap metal recycling. Our facilities process over 100,000 tons of materials annually and our company offers numerous services to make the choice to recycle with us as simple and straightforward as possible. Our services include:

  • On-site scrap processing. – We offer on-site scrap processing services and accept a variety of different scrap materials. Our list of materials that we’ll purchase includes all ferrous and nonferrous metals, electronics, electric motors, cellphones, miscellaneous plugs, and more. Please view our website for more details about what we do and do not buy.
  • Special scrap processing. – In addition to basic scrap and materials processing services, we also offer specialty scrap processing, including the dismantling of railcars and other large pieces of equipment. Note that we maintain a large fleet of vehicles, allowing us to handle transportation associated with a large scrap processing project.
  • Collection and separation. – When you recycle with us, you can count on us to handle 100 percent of your scrap processing needs. This includes separating and weighing all materials. Depending upon the amount of scrap you’re recycling, we may also be able to provide transportation services. 

If your business is a large producer of scrap metal, we can also provide on-site scrap collection containers at your convenience.

Why Recycle at One of Our Joliet Recycling Centers?

If you have scrap metal on your property, recycling it is an easy way to get paid (we pay top dollar for scrap metal!) and do your part to help the environment. When scrap metal is recycled, the need for new metals and materials is reduced, mitigating harms that are associated with metal mining (like pollution, water contamination, greenhouse gas emissions, etc.). We’ve also built our business model around customer satisfaction and comfort – recycling with us should be easy and stress-free, especially when we handle transportation.

Reach Out to Belson Steel Center Scrap Inc. Today

Our team wants to partner with you and serve as your go-to options for all your scrap recycling needs in Joliet and surrounding areas. As you create a plan for how to manage your scrap metal, we hope that you’ll keep our team in mind. We have nearly six decades of experience serving a variety of customers throughout Illinois.

We believe in making a positive impact, and we believe in doing things the right way. We prioritize sustainability, worker health and safety, and customer and client satisfaction. To learn more about our Joliet recycling centers and how our team can serve you, please reach out to us directly by phone or online for any information you need.

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