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Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling West Lafayette, IN

Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling West Lafayette, IN

At Belson Steel Center Scrap Inc., we are obsessed with recycling. That’s right – our goal is to keep as much industrial waste out of the landfill as possible and do our part, and if you have scrap metal–no matter the color, shape, size, weight, or type of metal–we want it! Not only do we operate a scrap yard and provide myriad demolition and scrap metal-related services for businesses and individuals alike, but we also specialize in industrial scrap metal recycling, in West Lafayette, Indiana, and Illinois. If your industrial company is producing more scrap than you know what to do with, we can help. Call our industrial scrap metal recycling professionals today to learn more about how we can be of service to you. 

How We Help Industries Like Yours in West Lafayette, IN

Our scrap metal recycling company provides numerous industrial scrap metal recycling services, all of which are designed to make scrap recycling easy and hassle-free, as well as cost-efficient for your business. Our industrial scrap metal recycling services include:

  • Container placement and pickup. For businesses that are generating large amounts of scrap, driving load after load to one of our scrap metal recycling facilities just doesn’t make sense. Instead, let us handle all transportation for you by providing you an on-site container (multiple sizes available) that you can fill at your convenience.
  • Mobile services. We provide mobile services for our industrial partners, including mobile crushing, baling, weighing, and demolition services. When you need a partner who can do it all, you need our team on your side.
  • Cash payments. One thing that’s great about working with our industrial scrap metal recycling professionals is that we pay you top dollar in cash, adding more money to your business’s wallet instantaneously. Recycling your scrap metal with our team is an easy way to quickly add to your profits.
  • Metal separation and weighing. Don’t ever worry about weighing your scrap metal or separating ferrous from nonferrous materials before handing metals over to us – we handle all weighing and metal separation for you.

Need something else that you don’t see listed above? Just call us! We are here to serve you. 

Industries We Serve

We serve businesses in numerous different industries and have been serving companies like yours for years. Industries that we serve include:

  • Auto manufacturers;
  • Equipment manufacturers;
  • Appliance manufacturers;
  • Construction industry businesses and contractors;
  • Airplane and ship manufacturers; 
  • HVAC companies; and
  • More. 

If you have scrap metal, we can help. 

How to Learn More About Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling, West Lafayette, IN

If you are ready to learn more about industrial scrap metal recycling in West Lafayette with our Illinois-based scrap metal company, all you have to do is reach out to us directly by phone, online, or by email. We have years of experience, care about sustainability and the health of the planet, and are a full-service scrap recycling business. Please let us know how Belson Steel Center Scrap Inc. can be of service to your industrial company today. 

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