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Gary Scrap Metal Buyers

Gary Scrap Metal Buyers

For more than 50 years, Belson Steel Center Scrap Inc. has been a leader in the scrap recycling industry, managing many tons of steel and other scrap on an annual basis. With processing facilities in Illinois, our scrap metal company is a trusted partner for individuals and industries in Illinois and Indiana alike. If you have scrap processing needs in Gary, IN, our experienced team can serve you. To learn more about our scrap metal buyers and how we can be of assistance, please reach out to us today.

Make the Smart Choice – Sell to Our Gary Scrap Metal Buyers

Selling to our Gary scrap metal buyers is the smart choice, whether you are an industrial business, small business owner, or private individual. When you sell to us, you make the smart choice for:

  • Your pocketbook. If you have scrap on your property, why leave it lying around? When you sell to Belson Steel Center Scrap Inc., you can get paid top dollar for all that scrap metal, and we offer you cash on the spot. Selling to us is an easy way to instantly pad your pocketbook.
  • Your property. It’s not just about putting more money in your pocket. When you choose Belson Steel Center Scrap Inc., you’ll also be giving your property a facelift, too.  Unwanted scrap on your property is an eyesore and takes up space that could otherwise be usable and functional. What’s more, having scrap on your property can be a hazard and a liability – do yourself a favor and get it off of your hands.
  • The earth. Is your business looking for ways to go green? Prioritizing smart recycling is one major step in that direction. When you sell your scrap metal to Belson Steel, you can take comfort in knowing that we put sustainability at the top of our list.

We Make Selling to Us Easy

Not only will you be doing the right thing for your budget, your property, and Mother Nature when you choose our Gary scrap metal buyers, but we’ll make sure that the process is straightforward and simple, too. Here’s why selling to us is easy:

  • We manage all scrap transportation, and even maintain our own fleet of vehicles;
  • We can provide on-site container services for your property, picking up containers when full;
  • We offer top dollar for scrap – you’ll never get an offer from us that’s below fair market value;
  • We manage all weighing and separation of metals; and
  • No project is too big or too small for our team – if you have scrap metal, we want to buy it from you!

How to Get Started with Our Gary Scrap Metal Buyers

To get started with our Gary scrap metal buyers, all you need to do is give our office a call at 815-932-7416 or contact us online using the form found on our website. We are passionate about providing high-quality scrap recycling services to our customers in Gary, and throughout the states of Indiana and Illinois. Please reach out to us today to learn more.

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