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Category: STEEL: News & Prices

Find the latest news and prices for steel provided by us at Kankakee’s Belson Steel. We have been in the metal recycling business for over 50 years.

Jun 22 2022

How Recycling Scrap Metal Can Reduce Landfill Waste

Most people don’t think twice about putting something in the trash can. Indeed, trash services are something we all take for granted—for most people in residential areas, weekly trash service is expected and reliable. We put things in…

Mar 26 2022

Extracting New Metal Is Harming the Earth—Recycling Metal Is Saving It 

New metal mining is an extractive process that leads to loss of habitat, emissions, and the use of resources like water and energy. In many cases, metal mining is also associated with labor violations or worker exposure to…

Feb 05 2022

How Can I Tell What Kind of Metal I Have to Scrap? 

Recycling scrap metal is an act that’s great for the economy and the environment, as well as your own pocketbook. But with so many different types of metal in production today, knowing what’s recyclable and what’s not—and what…

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