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Jan 14 2020

7 Things to Look for in Demolition Company 

A demolition project is a major undertaking. Indeed, a demolition project has the potential to be dangerous, environmentally destructive, and rife with complications and delays. Which is why when you’re demolishing a structure or a machine, you need a company with a trusted reputation working for you. Consider these seven things to look for when you’re choosing a demolition company


  • Versatility 

The scrap metal company that you hire should be versatile in their services, providing demolition services for a variety of projects. At Belson Steel Center Scrap Inc., we can demolish buildings, homes, vehicles, equipment, machinery, and other structures. 

  • Experience

Experience is one of the most critical elements of a good demolition team; you don’t want someone “learning on the job” when your money and time are at stake. Our company has nearly 60 years of experience in the industry. 

  • Reputation 

Choose a company with a good reputation for peace of mind. Our business has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we’re proud of what our customers say about us. 

  • Safety 

A demolition company should make safety their number one priority. This includes the safety of all workers involved in the demolition job, as well as the overall safety of the worksite, including proper handling of all hazardous materials. 

  • Environment

At Belson Steel Center Scrap Inc., we are passionate about the environment. When we perform a demolition job, we prioritize environmental sustainability and responsibility, including recycling all recyclable materials, proper disposal of hazardous waste, and practices that put sustainability first. We know that this earth is the only one we’ve got, and we’re committed to protecting it. 

  • Scrap Metal Recovery 

A demolition company that doesn’t prioritize scrap metal recovery isn’t worth working with. Our team not only makes scrap metal recovery an integral part of our practice, but also pays you for your scrap metal. You can count on us to responsibly collect, separate, and process all recovered scrap. 

  • Customer Service 

Finally, working with a company that provides high-quality customer service is always more enjoyable than the alternative. Customer service includes, but is not limited to, responsiveness, honesty, fairness, transparency, and flexibility in practice.

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