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Nov 16 2021

10 Reasons We Love Using Recycled Metal 

At Belson Steel, we are passionate about scrap metal recycling and using recycled metal. Here are some of the top 10 reasons we love using recycled metal and are proud to be in the metal recycling industry

  1. Recycling Conserves Natural Resources

Because recycling scrap metal reduces the need for new metal products, natural resources, including water and other non-renewable resources, are conserved. Recycling metal also conserves energy.

  1. Recycled Metal Is Less Expensive

When raw materials are mined, the price of that job is reflected in the price of the final product. In other words, new metal that has never before been recycled is often more expensive than recycled metal. On the other hand, businesses can save money and reduce their overhead costs by purchasing recycled metal. 

  1. Recycling Metal Supports the Local Economy

Metal is an international market that can be impacted by the decisions, policies, and markets of other countries. When you purchase recycled scrap metal, though, you’re supporting your local economy and local workers. 

  1. Recycling Conserves Landfill Space

Landfills in America are quickly filling up, and soon there won’t be any more space to put our waste. One way that everyone can do their part is by recycling as much as possible. By sending materials to the scrap yard for recycling instead of the landfill, space is conserved. 

  1. Recycling Protects Lands and Habitats

Scrap metal recycling occurs at a metal processing facility. In contrast, new metal mining involves going into natural areas and destroying land and habitat. Many world ecosystems and species are already endangered—it’s time we put land and habitat conservation at the top of the priority list. 

  1. Recycling Earns You Money

Recycling is an easy way to earn a little cash. At Belson Steel, we pay top dollar, in cash, for scrap metal brought to our facility. To learn more about why we pay for scrap metal, call us directly. 

  1. Recycling Promotes a More Sustainable Future

By recycling and using recycled metals, you’re sending a message that sustainability is important to you. A more sustainable future is something that will benefit us all, as well as future generations to come. 

  1. Recycling Helps You to Meet Industry Sustainability Standards

If your business is trying to meet industry-specific sustainability standards or wants to attract more customers based on its move towards “going green,” recycling can help you to achieve that. Today, companies are expected to recycle materials whenever possible. 

  1. Recycling Reduces the Use of Toxic/Hazardous Chemicals and Materials

New metal mining is a dirty job. Cyanide, sulfuric acid, solvents, heavy metals, gasoline, diesel fuel, and more are all necessary in the metal mining process. These hazardous chemicals and substances are dangerous for workers’ health and safety, as well as polluting to the environment.

  1. Recycling Metal Is Better for Everyone

At the end of the day, recycling metal is better for everyone. At Belson Steel, we prioritize keeping as many materials out of the landfill as possible, safe and sustainable recycling practices, and worker health and safety. Connect with us today to learn more.

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